postaleCreated in 1981 the non-profit association of the Friends of la Part-Dieu allows the current maintenance and step by step restoration of the former Carthusian monastery. These last years it has enabled the restoration of the chapel, the bell tower, the large and small cloisters, the fountain in the middle of the courtyard and of the surrounding exterior walls.

The association encourages the set-up of cultural or other manifestations, stages, seminars, workshops of interpretation and/or expression as well as any other activity in accordance with the spirit of the house.

Should you be interested to support the maintenance of this historic place with a membership, please contact us at info@lapartdieu.chThe annual fee is 100.- CHF. You will be kept informed about our activities and be invited to special events (concerts, dinners).

Every donation is gratefully received. We will acknowledge the receipt of your support which is tax deductible.
Payment to:
CCP Bulle / IBAN: CH23 0900 0000 1700 2618 2 / BIC: POFICHBEXXX